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A collection of popular hashtags from 2023

How To Get Banned From A New Social Network

Stressing out for no reason.

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Web Developer Questions

Common Queries With My Answers

Pot Noodle Hacks

A collection of Pot Noodle recipes

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Bootstrapping The Dogecoin Core Wallet v1.14

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How To Check If An Integer Is Odd With Python

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Discover Local TooGoodToGo Magic Boxes

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Handy Automod Rules For Your Subreddit

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How To Toggle Bulma Navbar With Pure Javascript

Embed Instagram User Feed With Javascript

Create An Instagram Feed With JS & Bulma

Swipe Intro Text Effect with CSS & Javascript

Swiperoo animation for your page titles

Handy Python Functions

Some Funky Functions For You To Abuse

Fetch API With HTML Form & PHP


How To Use Telegram Through TOR

Push Telegram Through The Onion Relay

Python 3 String Formatting

Juggle some strings and things

MoarThan - Many Sauces

The beginning of anything MoarThan!

MailChimp API AJAX Subscribe Form

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Netlify Form Creation & Usage

How To Do That Form Thing With Netlify

How To Be An Absolute PHP Twonk

Something You Should Never Do... Ever!

Dynamically Populate With Javascript

From JSON To Javascript To HTML

Dictionary Functions

How To Run Functions Referenced In A Javascript Dictionary

Grabbing Free Data From Reddit In A Browser

How To Use The Open Reddit JSON API With jQuery

My file... is too big! My RAM is too small!

How To Read Humongous .txt Files With Python

Bulma Notifications

Build Simple Dismissible Notifications With Bulma CSS & jQuery

Browser Automation With Splinter

Guide The Ghost In The Machine!

User Login With Extra Snakes

How To Create A Simple Login System With Python

Sqlite Doesn't Bite

How To Use An Sqlite Database With Python

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Let's Do A Little Dance With InstaSpam

This is Deepsplash!

Messing around with stupid artificial intelligence

Learn Python In Minutes

It Really Works!

Well... Am I Online Yet?

How To Check For Internet Connection Using Python

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Get Trending Hashtags From Twitter

A Simple Flask Application

How To Build A Flask Ajax Template

Stream, Search, Invert, Upload & Reply

How To Write A Reddit Bot

Create A Gallery From A Directory

How To Build A Gallery & Lightbox With PHP

It's a strange meow world

How To Throw Cats At Random Internet People

Python Loops

Lets get loopy!

Print Simple Colours With Python

How to print simple colours in a terminal

Streaming Reddit With Python

Praw is a Snoo's best friend... maybes.

Delete All Tweets With Python

Using Tweepy to clear all tweets

Print A Directory Tree On Github Readme

A simple little markdown trick

Bad Snippets

These might break things. Use at your own stupidity!

Web Scraping With Python

Playing with BeautifulSoup

Wordpress RSS Feed Parsing

Feedparser, wordpress & python

Get Tweepy 0auth Code

When the account can't create apps

Pickle DB

A fantastic key-value store

Simple Holding Page

Unsplash as a holding page

Parse JSON From External URL With Python

A couple of snippets to help you out

Download XKCD Comics With Python

Sarcasm, math, and language + requests

.htaccess force HTTPS, Gzip and set Cache-Control

A pretty decent htaccess setup

Fade In Page Body Without Flicker

A nice and easy fade in script for your shiny website

Unfollow Non-Followers On Twitter Easily & Free

Unfollowstats trick