Web Developer Questions

What does your lifestyle/worklife balance look like as a web dev?

    • Q. What does your work life balance look like. How easily can you support a wife and kids on your rate? (let me know your rough if you're ok with it).

    • A - I don't have those type of responsibilities. If you stick a good job you'll surely get paid for your efforts though.
    • Q - How high stress is your job?

    • A - It depends... Sometimes jobs can be intense but others can be a real joy to take on. It depends on the client and if you have to deal with them yourself or not.
    • Q - How important is a degree of any kind?

    • A - Some employers demand it and won't give an interview without it. Most just want to see your skills and abuse them... and your time.
    • Q - Do you enjoy your job and are you in this line of work for the money or passion or both, I understand people work for money (currently my situation) and enjoying your work is a bonus.

    • A - I'm here for the art of it all. The bonus is getting paid. Finding fun projects is the hard part. Creating them for myself is where it lies.
    • Q - How long are your working hours. I've seen some people say 60+ and others less then 30 (I'm really not a fan of overtime). My enjoyment in life comes from spending time with my partner and stuff outside of my work. (currently at least) hence Work life balance is extremely important to me.

    • A - Being a programmer is like having a split personality. The trick is to be able to turn it on/off at will. Work what you're capable of handling... And say so. Don't take your work home unless it's yours.
    • Q - What is a realistic Time frame to land a entry level job in this field. I've seen some say 6 months which seems super short and others say a few years. Not really liking the idea dropping 13k at my local university for a 6 month bootcamp if i can help it. (I'm told they are scams and employers hate them on your resume) is getting a CS degree is even worth it instead (3 years). What is the best way to stick out from everyone else?

    • A - HTML, CSS and Javascript are the basic 3 languages you need to know to get a junior dev position. I understood how to make a lovely mess after about 6-8 months after getting the job. Dive in knees first! CS degree... not for me thanks.
    • Q - How anti-social is this line of work?
    • A - How anti-social is reading/writing a book?
    • Q - And briefly how does your standard day playout?
    • A - Wake up, feed etc. and then attack the list. Evening finish. I don't work Sundays.

Thanks for reading. x